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The Everpure Claris, is a 5-stage softening and filtering system that allows you to dial in the amount of mineral you prefer for your specialty coffee and steam applications.

The minerals found in tap water can be both a friend and a foe to baristas and chefs. For specialty coffee, a certain amount of hardness is necessary for a pleasant flavor of the water and proper extraction of the coffee bean and grind. However, the mineral in water can also lead to lime scale, which can cause serious problems for brewing equipment. The challenge becomes to find a balance between protecting your brewing investment and capturing the desired taste and aroma of your coffee and espresso beverage.

For boilerless and combi steam cooking, water must retain only enough minerals to allow the probes in the pans and boilers to detect the water levels. If the minerals are not controlled or removed, scale will accumulate on heating rods and hot plates.

Generally, for steam applications and specialty coffee there are two methods for treating water: ion exchange (“softening” the water) and reverse osmosis. There are pro and cons to both technologies.

Reverse osmosis strips everything from the water, and for some applications mineral is added back either by blending filtered non-RO water with pure RO water, or by adding a calcite mineral feed. The drawbacks to RO systems are that they cost more, require more maintenance than filtration, and usually require a floor storage tank.

Ion exchange swaps out hard mineral for soft mineral. The softening resin captures scale ions (Ca2+ and Mg2+) and exchanges them for sodium ions (Na+). Unlike the calcium and magnesium carbonates that prefer to return to being rocks, sodium carbonates are readily soluble. The advantage of softening is that the scale-causing minerals are removed. Some disadvantages are that most softening systems require salt to be added on a regular basis to regenerate the resin, and softening does not filter the water for taste and odor.

Fortunately, there’s now a product that combines ion exchange, filtration and a blending capability: Everpure’s new Claris system features DUOBLEND bypass valve technology that provides consistent and precise adjustment of carbonate hardness resulting in the right balance of minerals in the water. In addition, Claris provides 5-step filtration that removes unwanted particles, tastes and odors. The DUOBLEND and the 5-stage filtration combine to provide you the ideal premium water for your specialty coffee and steam applications.





The DUOBLEND technology puts you in control

The DUOBLEND technology puts you in control

For lime or “hard” scale to form there needs to be a combination of energy, scale minerals and carbonates (CO32-) combined with a high pH. When heat is applied to water, the dissolved mineral (that includes soluble calcium bicarbonates forming CaHCO3) reverts back into solid mineral (insoluble calcium carbonates forming CaCO3), which falls out of solution and latches onto nearly surfaces. Over time this will leave a very hard crust that is difficult to remove. According to the USGS Office of Water Quality, the average hardness in the U.S. is 217 mg/L. Since water that contains 121 mg/L of calcium carbonate is considered hard, the likelihood that you will have scale forming in your equipment is very high.

Scale build-up (lime scale from hard water) can be avoided by removing the scale minerals, removing the carbonates and/or by lowering the pH. The Everpure Claris uses the latter two. The Claris resin is loaded with hydrogen (H+). The hydrogen ions dissolve the carbonates (CO32- and HCO32-) , and the resin then removes the calcium and magnesium ions (Ca2+ and Mg2+). This process also lowers the pH.

How Everpure Claris Water Filter prevents scale

The Everpure Claris system (as approved and installed by First Class Water) removes the scale or hard water deposits causing carbonates, protecting your equipment. However, with specialty coffee applications, at least 100 ppm of mineral needs to be present for flavor. This is where the DUOBLEND provides the perfect solution. Water that enters the cartridge is filtered for taste and odor, and a certain amount is bypassed around the ion exchange resin. How much water is bypassed is determined by turning the dial on top of the cartridge. By blending filtered mineral water with softened filtered water, the desired mineral content can be achieved. You can thus match your water recipe for perfect coffee and espresso. The other benefit the DUOBLEND valve provides is it keeps the percentage of blended water constant independent from the pressure and flow fluctuation so that the adjusted hardness level in blended water stays the same.

For steam applications, you can dial the water to retain just enough minerals to allow your steamer probes to work correctly, but remove enough mineral to keep your equipment running in peak condition.


Everpure Claris provides 5-stages of filtration:

  1. PRE-FILTRATION: Pre-filtration media at the entrance to the cartridge retains coarse particles such as dirt and sediment.
  2. CARBONATE HARDNESS ADJUSTMENT: The ion-selective filter medium reduces the levels of carbonate hardness while retaining all other minerals needed for good hot beverages. In combination with the DUOBLEND bypass technology it ensures a precise and consistent adjustment of carbonate hardness.
  3. FINE FILTRATION: Behind the carbonate hardness adjustment process a fine filter compresses the filter bed and retains fine particles.
  4. 5-MICRON PARTICLE FILTER MEMBRANE: All of the water passing through the CLARIS filter system flows through a final 5 micron particle filter membrane.
  5. HIGH EFFICIENCY ACTIVATED CARBON ABSORPTION MEDIA: A high efficient activated carbon absorption media at the filter outlet
  6. This 5-stage system ensures that chlorine, organics and unpleasant tastes and odors are reduced efficiently, and that the equipment is protected from scale deposits.

System dimensions and *capacities:

*capacities are intended as guidelines at 179 ppm and standard bypass. Your capacities may vary depending on your source water quality.

Everpure Claris is truly different, and the perfect solution for specialty coffee and steam applications

The new Everpure Claris is a highly engineered water conditioning system that provides water conditioning, filtration and tailored hardness in one compact package. The system provides:

  • Five Stage Filtration
  • Superior DuoBlend Technology for customized water
  • MultiValve Head with AutoShut off
  • Quick change cartridges
  • One head fits all cartridges

The Everpure Claris system sets a new standard for filters by providing consistent performance, premium tailored water for your beverages and exceptional protection for your brewing and steam equipment, all at an affordable price.

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