Claris Water Filter

Lime scale removing water filter. Connecting: Drinking water, Quooker + 5 kitchen appliances

The Claris Water Filter: A next generation lime scale reducing filter

Connecting to your mains drinking water, Quooker or boiling water tap plus 5 other kitchen appliances with tailored hardness control, as manufactured by Everpure.  The Claris Water Filter removes lime scale, takes out chlorine, unwanted odors & reduces mineral content to a level that limescale deposits on taps & appliances become a-thing of the past.

Products available from the Everpure Claris water technology range




Extra Large

The Claris Water filter system connects to your mains drinking water and the following:

  • Your boiling tap (Quooker, Franke, Zip or other)
  • Mains drinking water tap: Providing filtered drinking water
  • American style fridge freezer
  • Steamer
  • Coffee machine

Everpure Claris water filter system

For filtered drinking, Quooker, steamer, coffee machine and American style fridge freezer water

Thanks to the new DUOBLEND bypass valve technology the new CLARIS 5-Step water filtration system allows for a precise adjustment of carbonate hardness resulting in the right balance of substances in the water.

By removing particles independent from feed water pressure and unwanted smells and flavours – like free chlorine or heavy metals – the Claris thus enhances beverage taste and reduces service costs.

Everpure are leading water technologist who lead the way in intelligent water filtering and offers users many benefits:

  • Water of the highest quality
  • Reduced service costs
  • Improved energy efficiency of the machine
  • Avoids downtime and disappointed customers if installed into a commerical environment
  • A perfect hot beverage, every time
  • Simple to install and replace

Everpure introduced the Claris Water Technology system, a family of water filter cartridges specifically designed for hot drink machines, drinking water taps, steamers and American Style fridge freezers. These new, innovative cartridges help reduce lime scale and harmful contaminants which affects water taste and odor, ultimately affecting the quality of the brewed coffee, espresso, tea and other hot drinks.

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