Water dispensing machine

tea-smith2Water dispensing machines: Good for your customers, restaurant, bar, cafe, office or board room

Choose from filtered chilled, still, sparkling and ambient water

Our water dispensing solutions include:

TABLE / counter MOUNTED dispensing unit / volumetric option
product pdf: Tivoli-Top / GPLUS 32
Under counter unit with bar mounted tap / VOLUMETRIC option
product pdf: U90 / U270
FLOOR STANDING dispensing unit
prdoduct pdf: TIVOLI-fs
UNDER COUNTER chiller with counter mounted tap
product pdf: U40 / U80 / U260


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Everpure’s restaurant research reveals the following:

  • Over 65% of consumers strongly agree that restaurants that filter their water are likely to have better quality food and beverages.
  • 74% of consumers feel that it is somewhat to extremely important for restaurants to filter their drinking water
  • 55% of consumers are more inclined to eat at a restaurant that filters their drinking water
  • 73% are more likely to order a beverage made with water if they know the restaurant filters their water



Everpure Research revealed 68.9% Want to Know of consumers want to know that a restaurant uses a drinking water system



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