Water bottling systems

Mildreds / SOHOWater bottling systems for offices, bars, cafe’s, restaurants, hotels or hospitality events

Eliminate the need to purchase environmentally unfriendly & expensive pre-bottled water

Serve environmentally friendly bottled water to your customers.

Unlimited quantities of filtered chilled, still and sparkling water.

Dispensing options include

Under sink unit / Bar mounted font – volumetric dispensing
Counter top dispenser & bottling system
Floor Standing Water dispenser
House branded bottles / Your logo on a choice of bottles


Features include

  • Dispensing room temperature, chilled and sparkling water
  • Small under counter units that are out of sight
  • Counter mounted fonts available
  • Elegant design with stainless steel mirror finish cabinets with glossy plexiglass inserts
  • New electronic control for simultaneous dispensing of 3 bottles or cups, with volumetric filling control for maximum precision
  • The electronic system allows you to assign different dispensing volumes to each nozzle (optional)
  • New control system which indicates when it is necessary to change the CO2 cylinder as well as the filter system, with the possibility of automatically stopping supply when the filters have not been replaced, for ensured maximum system safety

Dispensing units:

  • MANUFACTURED: in ITALY by Zerica

Dispensing tap options:


Environmentally aware

We like to pride ourselves in offering and leading the way in combating negative environmental impact issues caused by the transportation and packaging associated with buying pre-bottled water.

We support offices, the hospitality and catering industry from corporate headquarters, leading hotels, independent chains  and manor houses with fantastic bottling capabilities with branded bottled water and filtration solutions.


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