Chilled filtered water

filtered-tap-water-quookerBottled or poured by the glass for great tasting chilled filtered water on tap

Our range of under sink water chillers and coolers provide a constant source of chilled water for the most demanding of occasions

for Chilled water on tap: an under counter solution
PRODUCT NAME: Refresh U 40|80|260|240HPDC®NV
Manufacturer: Zerica (Italy)
tap: selection of dispensing taps available

Product highlights
  • Compact under-counter water chillers for maximum performance.
  • Model U40 is the smallest under-counter cooler in the world (34,5×19,5×29 cm)
  • High capacity of cold water supplying 14 to 30 litres per hour
  • Thermostat to regulate the temperature (5-13oC)
  • Why not bottle your own in-house branded drinking water

We recommend pairing every water chiller with a water filter

The Omnipure water filter will ensure great tasting beverages that are lime scale and odor free whilst ensuring the right amount of minerals are left in for the prefect drink.


Chilled drinking water on tap for: Schools, sports clubs, gyms, offices, large organisations, hotels, restaurants, cafe’s, bars etc.

There are many benefits that favour modern plumbed-in water chillers / coolers compared with bottled water coolers including cost, availability, space, time saving along with it being a more eco-friendly option.


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