Branded water bottles

header-filterBottles & carafes for restaurants, hotels, hospitality catering and corporate events

Re-usable & environmentally friendly branded water bottles. Serve great tasting water to your customers using a volumetric dispensing tap or bar mounted font.

How it works / For your very own branded water bottles

  1. You choose the size of bottle required, either 500ml, 700ml or 1 litre
  2. Send your logo in high resolution to
  3. Bottles are for use with our water dispensing solutions
  4. Turn around time for dispensing solution and bottles: Approximately 8 weeks

That means your brand, logo or text printed onto the glass bottles to serve ambient, sparkling or still filtered water. This creates a positive feeling around your brand and the food you serve whilst supporting an environmentally conscious establishment.

A choice of bottles available for use with our dispensing units 

Nocturne glass bottle design

Sizes and estimate costs:

  • 500ml (£ 1.29 each / when ordering 100)
  • 700ml (£ 1.52 each / when ordering 100)
  • 1000ml (£ 1.76 each / when ordering 100)

The most popular size is the 500ml.

Typically we print your logo in solid blue for still water, and red to indicate sparkling.

We can also print ‘STILL’ and ‘SPARKLING’ on these too.

Village carafe

  • 1litre
  • Contemporary and simple

Supplied to a chain of high end restaurants in London who serve filtered water free of charge to customers.


Print set up costs

Costs start at £399 for a one colour print run.

For a quote:

Email or call us on 020 7377 8563 and speak to Angela.

Stoppers / corks for the Nocturne bottle design

Cork with a wood top

£ 0.22 per cork on orders of 100 corks

Synthetic cork

£ 0.20 per cork on orders of 100 corks

Re-usable designer glass bottles are perfect for:
  • Offering free of charge water to customers
  • Hospitality and corporate events
  • Trade shows
  • Product launches
  • Fund raising
  • Give-aways
  • Board meetings
  • Open days
  • Religious events
  • Corporate meetings, conferences, gala dinners, weddings, retail, tournaments, bars, restaurant, cafe’s and any building that values its service offering etc.

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