Water filter diverter: Switch

ABODE SWITCH : Water filter diverter

The abode ranges have been created for people who want the perfect blend of design, performance and sheer quality.

The SWITCH is easy to use. Simply turn the handle control to indicate the type of water supply that you wish to channel through your tap – giving you immediate access to both the domestic water supply and then to water filtered through the Abode Aquifier filter cartridge, delivering clear refreshing results.

We often use this when clients wish to only use ‘filtered water’ for drinking purposes, so this simple ‘switch’ works perfectly to divert your tap to produce either filtered water or non filtered water. Great for making your filter last longer.


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A minor revolution…  …of the SWICH will now transform your kitchen tap, new or old, into a filtered water tap delivering a constant supply of crystal clear filtered water for all the family to enjoy.

For the first time, you are not restricted in the style of tap you can have in your kitchen, or the need for an unsightly separate dispenser or jug for filtered water. The addition of the Swich water filter diverter* will allow you to simply and quickly convert any manufacturer’s kitchen tap to supply filtered water, improving the overall taste, appearance, and quality of your drinking water without needing to compromise on style.

Abode SWITCH Water Filter Diverter comes in: in Chrome, Brushed Nickel or Antique Bronze finishings.


The diverter also comes in a circular and square shape. The Somerley Monobloc Tap benefits from:

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