Sparkling water on tap

Filtered sparkling water straight from your tap

For luxuriously chilled and sparkling water on tap we recommend the Zerica Refresh U90 product.

Sparkling water on tap with fantastic filtration

We pair our sparkling water systems with commercial grade water filters to deliver the best tasting chilled, sparkling and still water available, perfect for a dinner party, board meeting, or simply served with ice.

Like your bubbles not so bubbly?

Simply adjust the amount of “fizziness” of your sparkling water using the adjusting regulator on the CO2 canister, it is that simple.


Product recommendation: Refresh U 90 NV | U 270 NV
product PDF: sparkling water on tap
Manufacturer: Zerica (Italy)


This is a brand new family of under-counter systems, completely renewed, very compact, for dispensing cold, sparkling and room temperature water.

 This under counter water cooler features:
  • Tailored amount of “fizziness” in your sparkling water using a regulator on the CO2 canister
  • New refrigeration circuit with 2 single tanks, covered by an exclusive patent to avoid the limits of the traditional systems, which cannot use the cooling capacity at its best, to dispense independently volume of cold and sparkling water
  • New carbonator to double the capacity of sparkling water
  • Silver tank system for improved antibacterial characteristics
  • Sealed refrigeration system to eliminate the inconveniences related to the refilling of the open ice bank systems

And if you’d like serving bottles, we can supply branded bottles or carafe’s with copy of your choice on.


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