Limescale reducing filter

We are limescale removal specialists sourcing the best limescale reducing filters for UK application

The Claris and Omnipure Water filters are next generation scale reducing filters that can connect perfectly to your mains drinking water and up to 5 kitchen appliances.

We typically connect the one filter to your Quooker boiling water tap, steamer, fridge freezer, ice maker, coffee machine and mains drinking water. This makes us unique, and gives you a slicker, more efficient supply of filtered water from your dispensing appliances.

The Claris range of water filters from Everpure is a commercial grade water filter for your home, office or restaurant, making you the perfect cup of tea, coffee or chilled beverage.

The Everpure Claris Water Filter connects to your mains drinking water tap and can also connect upto 5 other kitchen appliances to prevent scale build up.

example appliances
  • Mains drinking water
  • Quooker boiling water tap and Insinkerator
  • Steamer
  • Coffee machine
  • And American style fridge freezer
  • Ice maker

Fitted to your mains drinking water the Claris will dramatically improve the quality of your drinking water. Filter capacities range from 1500 to 7000 litres in areas with high scale content.

Inside a boiling water tank with limescale removed

Picture shows: The removal of limescale from a boiling water tank; as emptied into the client’s sink. This task is a laborious and is common in UK hard water areas. This problem & service job would be eliminated with an Everpure Claris Water Filter.

Everpure’s Claris Filter

Thanks to the new DUOBLEND bypass valve technology the new CLARIS 5-Step water filtration system allows for a precise adjustment of carbonate hardness resulting in the right balance of substances in the water.

By removing particles independent from feed water pressure and unwanted smells and flavours – like free chlorine or heavy metals – the Claris thus enhances beverage taste and reduces service costs.


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