Hard water filter

Lime scale from the inside of a Quooker tank

For scale free tea, better tasting beverages and prolonging the life of your water dispensing appliances: Fit a lime scale reducing filter

Hard water causes lime scale to build up within appliances & on taps

It is this that causes our kitchen appliances to stop working and looks unsightly in kettles, on taps, and the internals of coffee machines, steamers and Quooker boiling water tanks.

We recommend

An Everpure Claris water filter or Omnipure filter connected to your kitchen appliances or mains drinking water supply

Connecting to your mains drinking water or we can connect the following:

  • Your boiling tap (Quooker, Franke, Zip or other)
  • Mains drinking water tap: Providing filtered drinking water
  • American style fridge freezer
  • Steamer
  • Coffee machine

The benefits of an Everpure Claris Water filter include:

  • Reduced service costs due to no downtime caused by lime scale
  • Prolongs the life of your kitchen appliances
  • Connects up to 5 kitchen appliances: Quooker, mains tap, steamer, coffee machine etc.
  • Creates a coffee with perfect crema, full flavor and pleasant aroma
  • Eco-friendly as you will no longer need to buy bottled water

The Claris Water Filter is a next generation lime scale reducing filter

Connecting to your mains drinking water, Quooker or boiling water tap plus 5 other kitchen appliances with tailored hardness control, as manufactured by Everpure.  The Claris Water Filter removes lime scale, takes out chlorine, unwanted odors & reduces mineral content to a level that limescale deposits on taps & appliances become a-thing of the past.

Claris water filters come in differing sizes, dependent on the application

Small | Medium | Large | Extra Large

The next generation scale reducing filter that connects upto 5 kitchen appliances


Picture top left shows: Lime scale removed from the inside of a Quooker boiling water tank. If the Quooker had been installed with an Everpure Claris Water filter this type of service job would not be needed.


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