Chilled filtered water on tap

Filtered Tap WaterChilled filtered water with our plumbed in water cooler

Make, bottle and drink your own chilled water with our under counter chilled water solutions

For the best-tasting chilled filtered water possible, we fit the Refresh U40 with an Omnipure water filter, which removes lime scale deposits whilst retaining the right amount of minerals for a great tasting beverage.

Under counter water chiller

product PDF: Under water chiller / Refresh U40/U90
Manufactured by: Zerica (Italy)
Supplied and installed by: first class water

Product highlights

  • A compact under-counter water chiller system that is packed full of performance
  • This is the smallest under-counter cooler in the world (34,5×19,5×29 cm)
  • Dispenses a minimum of 14 litres of chilled water per hour
  • U90 dispenses a minimum of 19 litres of chilled water per hour
  • Allows you to bottle up and go with your own chilled drinking water

We pair the Refresh U40 with a commercial grade water filter

The Omnipure water filter will ensure great tasting beverages that are lime scale and odor free whilst ensuring the right amount of minerals are left in for the prefect drink.

Water chiller product name Dispensing option Accessories Water filter options
  1. Refresh U40/Zerica
  2. Refresh U90 / Zerica
Mains tap Water filter diverter Omnipure water filter
Separate tap Choice of taps Omnipure water filter
Counter mounted tap Branded bottles Omnipure or Everpure
The benefits

There are many benefits that favour modern plumbed-in water chillers compared with bottled water coolers including cost, availability, space, time saving along with it being a more eco-friendly option as you will no longer need to spend on expensive bottled water.

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