Quooker PRO7-VAQ (commercial)

restaurant-filtered-waterIt’s boiling & it’s Quooker PRO7-VAQ for commercial use

The Quooker as we know, dispenses water at 100o boiling, purified and enriched with oxygen using a well designed aerated tap nozzle. Tea scum can now be a thing of the past and you can be sure to serve guests a top-quality beverage time and time again.

For the professional market, Quooker have brought out:

  • PRO7-VAQ (with a capacity of 7 litres)
  • PRO11-VAQ (11 litre capacity)
  • PRO3-VAQ (typically found in residential homes at 3 litres).

These larger two tanks are able to meet the demand for large amounts of boiling water to be dispensed in the commerical, restaurant, hotel and catering businesses or in large organisations.

 The commercial Quooker

  • All Quooker taps have a childproof push-and-turn handle
  • They are also height-adjustable and insulated.
  • The adjustable height comes in handy, for instance, when you want to fill a tall pan or thermos. In this case you adjust the tap to the highest position for convenience.
  • The lowest position, on the other hand, is (for example) useful when you want to fill up a small pan with water in your sink.
  • Thanks to the insulated spout, you can do one shortly after the other: just take hold of the spout and slide it up and down.

Safety counts too

  • Boiling water and children can be a dangerous combination. This is true for stovetop kettles, electric kettles and Quookers. But the Quooker, comes with a tap which is securely mounted to the worktop, has a child-proof push-and-turn handle and is double-walled.
  • As another safety feature, the water comes out of the tap in a fine spray rather than a solid jet.
  • On top of that, the tap dispenses no more than 0.05 litres of water per second. If an electric kettle topples over, it spills 1 litre of boiling water in a second, which can cause serious burns
  • Tank – PRO7-VAQ
  • Voltage – 230 V
  • Wattage – 3000 W
  • Capacity – 7 litres – 35 litres/hour
  • Heating-up time cold tank – 15 minutes
  • Standby power consumption – 10 W
  • Tank height – 47 cm
  • Tank diameter – 20 cm
  • Tap hole size – 32 mm
  • Maximum working pressure – 8 bar
  • Safety features
    maximum pressure
    pressure relief valve 8 bar
  • Water shut-off valve – ceramic
  • HiTAC® water filter – High Temperature Activated Carbon
  • Mounting bracket – optional
  • Approval – WRAS certificate no. 0601100

Our services include

  1. Full Quooker installation
  2. Partial and complete refurbishment of the Quooker tank and tap
  3. Connection of an Everpure Claris Water filter to your Quooker & mains tap
  4. Supply of filtered tap water
  5. Supply of your Quooker boiling water tap and accessories

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