Quooker descale filter

tea-cupsProlong the life of your appliance & serve better tasting beverages with a Quooker descale filter

The Quooker itself comes with an internal filter (HiTAC) as factory standard, however, this filter fails to remove or tackle the problems we have here in the UK when it comes to hard water or lime scale deposits. UK mains water can often be the cause of a Quooker break down as corrosive hard water deposits take over the tank and tap.

We recommend a a de-scaling filter

Quookers fitted without an extra de-scaling filter will allow for better tasting beverages whilst keeping nasty lime scale deposits at bay.

We connect and install an inline filter to the Quooker which reduces the amount of scale in the water before it hits the Quooker tank, typically using an Omipure or commercial grade filter from Everpure, both are inline filter products.

We have specifically chosen these filters as the best on the market to fit with the Quooker application because they don’t remove all the scale or change the ph-value of the water which allows for great tasting beverages whilst preserving the life of the appliance.

A GREAT filter for your Quooker

Choosing to install your Quooker with an extra filter will allow the best tasting beverage possible and the best performance of your product, it will prolong the life of your appliance whilst improving the taste of your beverages.

We can retrospectively fit a filter too

Our recommended filters can be  retrospectively installed should you already have a Quooker boiling water tap. In many cases and certainly after 2 years you will already notice the signs of lime scale build up on the tap itself, perhaps a reduced flow of water or even in the tank if you care to open it up and have a look.


Which filter is right for my Quooker?

The best way to decide which filter is best for your Quooker is to drop us an email or call us on 020 7377 8563 and let us know where in the UK you are located, and the Quooker product you have or are interested in. From this, we can determine the level of hardness in your area and the right filtration product for your Quooker along with your kitchen.


Dispenser type Retro fit to your Quooker only
Retro fit to your mains tap & Quooker Retro fit to your mains tap, Quooker, steamer, fridge freezer or coffee machine
Product name Everpure Claris Medium Everpure Claris Large Everpure Claris Extra Large
Product name Omnipure 2000 n/a n/a


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