Is the Quooker boiling water tap a cost effective solution compared to running a kettle?

Answer will be answered shortly. Nov.2012


What kind of energy does the Quooker consume, in terms of electricity?

Answer will be answered shortly.  Nov 2012


Is the Quooker a safe product?

We think so. The Quooker tap has a child safety mechanism fitted which requires an adults strength to push and turn on.  This coupled with an aerator provides a fine air filled spray of water as opposed to direct jet.


How easy is it to integrate the Quooker into my kitchen?

Your Quooker will probably have been fitted by a Quooker engineer, they are professional at undertaking this type of installation and will leave a seamlessly integrated tap in your worktop.


How does Everpure’s Claris Water Filter stand up to filtering so much water?

When connected to the Quooker, American Style Fridge Freezer, steamer, coffee machine and mains drinking water.

The highest mineral content in UK mains water lies around 20GH. (GH, German Hardness).

The water filtration solutions we recommend for most kitchens is either an Everpure Claris range or Omnipure 2000 filter. We specialise in connecting the one filter to your mains drinking tap, Quooker and up to 5 kitchen appliances.

The Everpure filter boasts a 5 blend stage filtration system and is able to filter 7200 litre with a mineral content of 20GH. The filter reduces the levels of calcium and other minerals within the water, therefore protecting appliances such as the Quooker, steamers and coffee machines from potential scale damage.

The Claris filter has customisable settings to allow the perfect level of minerals to be retained, this is important not only for the protection of appliances from scale damage but to create a good glass of drinking water: Water without mineral content is not very appealing in taste and does not extract the right amount of flavour for a good cup of coffee or tea.


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