VIDEO: Quooker & lime scale reducing filter installation

We supply & install Quooker boiling water taps with a lime scale reducing filters, as standard

Watch the video to see a typical First Class Water installation of a Quooker boiling water tap with lime scale reducing filter that also serves:

1. The Quooker boiling water tap

2. Steamer

3. Ice maker within the fridge freezer

4. The mains tap water supply (for filtered drinking water)


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Quooker boiling water tap with everpure claris

In this instance we fitted an Everpure Claris XL, fitted horizontally and inside the kitchen sink unit. This installation has been optimised to retain a fully functional drawer unit whilst being out of sight.

Another slick out of sight ‘back to tap’ water filtration installation. And another happy customer.


After 2 or 3 years of use your Quooker boiling water tap will start to show the signs of lime-scale build-up on the following Quooker elements:

1. Inside the tank
2. On the tap
3. On the pressure relieve valve


To avoid lime scale corrosion and help look after your Quooker we typically connect your boiling water tap to a commercial grade filter, the Everpure Claris Water Filter which will also connect to your mains water to give you the extra convenience of having filtered water on tap.

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