Free Quooker installation ….

kitchen-sink-quooker-filtered-drinkingwater FREE Quooker installation when ordered with our lime scale reducing filter

Of course, we recommend every Quooker be fitted with a Water Filter and of course we only work with the best on the market, as manufactured by Omnivore or our carbon range.

So, buy your Quooker from us, let us price match against your chosen online approved reseller and book your installation knowing you’ll have scum free tea, better tasting water and an appliance that is protected from the harmful deposits hard water brings.

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Fill out my online form.


I am Angela Kennedy. I manage First Class Water's marketing efforts in terms of brand, blogging, social media and SEO. We are the UK approved Claris Water filter engineers, connecting the Quooker and 5 kitchen appliances to the one Claris filter with a focus on lime scale removal. I am also a runner, with a personal best time of 1:30:24 for a half marathon. I live in the City with views that overlooks the Gherkin, I hold a Design Communications Degree and am possessed with a passion for buying quality vintage furniture and taking photographs of the minimal.

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