Quooker boiling water tap

Which Quooker filter?

We recommend an external filter with every Quooker installation Depending on how you value the quality of your drinking water, you should consider an external Quooker filter for better tasting beverages and to remove the problems caused by lime scale deposits. The table below shows our typical [...]

The Quooker red light and what it means to you

When the Quooker red light is constantly on, your tap is ready to dispense boiling water We are often asked about the Quooker’s red light on the base of the tap. It is there to let you know the water is ready to dispense or that it is still heating up the water up to a boiling [...]

UK hard water map and the affects on our appliances

The UK the domestic water supply is designed to meet strict quality regulations & ensure it’s safe for human consumption, rather than focus on hard water These UK regulations are mainly in place to protect us against water borne diseases and illnesses.   Water quality varies depending on the [...]

TwinTaps are now in stock …

That’s right, Quooker TwinTaps are now in stock Going by the interest we’ve taken for this new product it’s going to be a welcomed sight within many new and existing kitchens. So, why are the TwinTaps proving so popular? We think its the design and the fact you can now have a kitchen mixer tap [...]
Quooker nozzle, aerator and rubber washer

How to de-scale your Quooker aerator and nozzle

How to de-scale your Quooker tap aerator and nozzle in a few simple steps   When we service a Quooker boiling water tap we typically change the aerator, but it is just as easy for you to refurbish with an overnight vinegar soak, this how you can de-scale your quooker tap aerator and nozzle. So, not [...]

How to filter drinking water at home

It’s simple: Add a commercial grade filter to the cold side of your kitchen mixer As drinking water specialists we work with all types of kitchen taps for the supply of chilled, boiling, carbonated and filtered drinking water. Admittedly we typically work with the higher end brands, but to be fair [...]

Free Quooker installation ….

For a limited time:  FREE Quooker installation when ordered with our lime scale reducing filter   Of course, we recommend every Quooker be fitted with a Water Filter and of course we only work with the best on the market, as manufactured by Everpure or Omnipure. So, buy your Quooker from us, let [...]

Good kitchen design

Deserves good water filtration We work with some of the finest kitchen companies to improve the quality of water from dispensing appliances UK mains water is hard, and often lime scale deposits on our kitchen appliances cause them to breakdown. Which is why we believe that great kitchens deserve [...]

Instructional video: How to connect a Quooker boiling water tap to a limescale removing water filter

In this movie you will be taken through how to fit a limescale removing water filter to a Quooker boiling water tap (PRO3-VAQ).   In this instance the movie was made for a client in Bratislava who will be doing the installation themselves. Note: Connecting your Quooker to a water filter should [...]

How to turn your kitchen mixer into a filtered & non filtered water dispenser

Just like many of our clients, we too love the Abode Switch Not only is it a practical bit of kit, as it allows both filtered and non filtered water to be dispensed from your kitchen mixer but it is in our opinion a filter cartridge saver. In this movie you will see a typical installation of the [...]
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