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We remove sources of corrosion before they infect your plumbing, making cleaner, better tasting and safer water

Water is the most important resource in both our homes and the catering industry, with nearly every hot or cold drink and dish requiring water.

For the home we deliver:

  1. Quooker boiling water tap | Installation | Maintenance | Filtration services
  2. Filtered tap water
  3. Chilled, carbonated and ambient water on tap
  4. A water filter system connecting up to 5 kitchen appliances (Quooker, steamer, fridge freezer, coffee machine and mains tap)

For restaurants, cafe’s, banks and board rooms:

  1. Carbonated, chilled and ambient dispensing solutions
  2. Quooker Commercial:  Boiling water tap
  3. Branded bottling systems
  4. Filtration solutions to support the environment and demand
  5. Maintenance contracts, including the supply of replacement filters
  6. On going servicing and support

Our trade customers include

  • Restaurants (e.g. NaamYaa (Islington), Mildreds (SOHO), Plum Valley (China Town, London)
  • Hotels (B&B Oxford)
  • Construction companies (e.g. The Kier Group)
  • Kitchen planners / architects
  • Design and build architectural agencies
  • Interior Designers
  • Furniture showrooms

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